Smart mobility for urban & rural areas

The possibilities of smart mobility are endless: From booking all mobility services via a central app, to diverting traffic around danger zones, to cost-efficient on-demand services for rural regions.


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Smart city/region with smart mobility offers

Based on a mobility platform, you can establish a whole range of smart mobility services in your region.
From the central booking of all mobility services in one app, to incentives for sustainable transport behaviour and on-demand services for rural and urban areas.


With smart mobility offers, you ensure better capacity utilisation and more satisfied customers with efficient processes and therefore at minimum cost.

Smart mobility assistant

With a user-friendly mobility app, passengers can plan, book and pay for their journey across all available mobility services. Learn more.


With this convenient function, passengers no longer have to deal with the jungle of fares. Simply check in on the means of transport and later receive a bill at the best price.


New habits are sometimes difficult to establish. So how about a reward for mobility in the public interest? Learn more.

Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS)

On-demand transport services integrate peripheral areas into the urban public transport network. Efficient management makes these services more economical. Learn more.

Secure danger zones

Networked mobility makes it possible to route traffic around schools and recommend safe routes for cyclists.

Municipal transport strategies

More and more municipalities are relying on sophisticated transport strategies to ensure a high quality of life.

Reduce parking search traffic

What if the PIV always knew where the nearest free parking space was? Reduce parking search traffic with intelligent mobility tools.

Customised recommendations

If you're stuck in a traffic jam today, you might be pleased to receive a recommendation for a suitable P+R offer.

Business solutions

Smart mobility solutions can of course also be used for company mobility management. Learn more.

Smart mobility in practice: Osnabrück is multimodally networked

"Via our ... digital mobility platform, our customers receive all mobility offers ... conveniently from a single source. Thanks to the modular system structure, we can add further offers at any time ... at any time."

Maik Blome, Marketing and Sales Manager for the mobility offering of the Stadtwerke Osnabrück.

Towards a better future with mobility for the common good

Our services and products for public transport are an important contribution to mobility in the public interest

Better quality of life for all

Urban streets and squares are no longer dominated by traffic, but belong to the people again. Rural areas will remain attractive for young and old. Thanks to intelligent, multimodal mobility, everyone can reach their destination in a socially responsible and environmentally friendly way.


Advancing the transport transition

Socially responsible mobility requires a change in habits.
With innovative digital solutions, we want to convince people that flexible mobility behaviour sustainably improves their quality of life.



Let's shape the future of mobility together!

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