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Towards a smart city and region with the highQ MobilitySuite

The highQ MobilitySuite lays the foundation for efficient and smart mobility in your region, congestion-free city centres, connectivity in rural areas and better quality of life for everyone


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The challenge: more traffic and partially underfunded public transport

Urban street infrastructure is already at its capacity limit in many places today. With further influx into metropolitan areas and a rising need for mobility, the strain continues to increase.

Public transport, especially in rural areas, is often underfunded and therefore sometimes too unattractive as an alternative. Private cars therefore remain the only option for many people, especially in commuter traffic.

The consequences: longer traffic jams, high environmental pollution due to greenhouse gases and fine dust, and thus a declining quality of life.

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Urban mobility: three steps to a smart city


Making public transport efficient and agile

The cost-effectiveness of public transport is the decisive factor determining the supply of public mobility. Efficient processes mean lower costs and higher cost-effectiveness. At the same time, they ensure that the impacts of disruptions in the system are kept as low as possible. With our efficiency tools, transport companies ensure efficient coordination of all processes.

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Creating the basis for smart mobility

To make urban mobility smart, municipalities and transport companies need a central data infrastructure. Here, all data relevant to urban mobility comes together: from traffic volumes on the roads, to weather conditions, to all mobility services including their ongoing status data. By merging urban traffic data, mobility can be analysed, optimised, controlled.

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Establishing smart mobility offers

With the mobility platform as support, smart traffic offers can now be developed. Starting from a smart mobility assistant in the form of an app with all mobility services, to rerouting traffic around schools and danger zones, to cost-efficient on-demand services for rural areas. The possibilities of smart mobility through networking are unlimited.

Smart mobility in practice: Osnabrück is multimodally connected

"Through our ... digital mobility platform, our customers receive all mobility offers ... conveniently from a single source. Thanks to the modular system structure, we can always add further offers ... at any time."

Maik Blome, Head of Marketing and Sales for the mobility offer of Stadtwerke Osnabrück.



Modern data protection solutions

Smart mobility offers are based on linking a lot of data. When considered from the outset, such offers can be implemented in compliance with data protection. Here are some solutions we have developed for the protection of personal data:

  • GDPR-compliant tracking. It is rarely necessary to know a person's exact location. With patented fuzzy location tracking, we protect the privacy of your users.
  • Analysis of aggregated data. The optimisation and control of traffic offers are based on the aggregated needs of many users. By evaluating data for analysis purposes only in aggregated form, we respect the anonymity of individuals.
  • Strict separation and deletion of data. The most personal data is usually only required for billing. Therefore, we store such personal data separately, protect it from unauthorised access and delete it as soon as possible.
  • Hosting in Germany. By hosting data only with proven providers in and from Germany, we protect it from access by unwanted actors.

We at highQ are convinced that maximum data protection must be considered from the very start of product development. This way, we jointly secure the individual rights of privacy and ensure high acceptance of our mobility solutions.

Maximum data protection from the first hour

We at highQ are convinced that maximum data protection must be considered from the very start of product development.

e understand that protecting personal data is a central aspect that must be considered early in the development phase of our products. Our strict data protection policy ensures that the privacy and personal rights of every user are protected at every stage of product development. By adhering to the highest standards of data protection from the beginning, we create a relationship of trust between our users and our products.

Ensuring maximum data protection is not just a legal requirement but also an ethical obligation that we see as an integral part of our mission. We firmly believe that only by consistently implementing these principles can high acceptance of our mobility solutions be achieved and thus sustainable change in the field of mobility.

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With mobility that benefits the common good
towards a better future

Our services and products for 
public transport are an important contribution to 
mobility that benefits the common good

Vision: Better quality of life for all

Urban streets and squares will no longer be dominated by traffic but will belong to the people again. Rural areas remain attractive for young and old. Thanks to intelligent, multimodal mobility, everyone can reach their destination in a socially responsible and environmentally friendly way.


Mission: To advance the transport transition

Socially responsible mobility requires a change in habits. With innovative digital solutions, we want to convince people that flexible mobility behaviour sustainably improves the quality of life.

highQ: Over 25 years of partnership for effective and sustainable mobility solutions

With more than 25 years of experience, highQ is your reliable partner for future-oriented mobility solutions. Together, we shape the building blocks of sustainable mobility. Whether high technical requirements, new functionalities or legal regulations: thanks to our expert team, we find the ideal solution for you.


Let's shape the future of mobility together!

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