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planB tabellarische Fahrplanung

Quick and easy access to optimized scheduele and shift roster data with PlanB

The main thing is that it is well planned:


  • With its versatile and user-friendly tools for planning and optimizing vehicle rotations and shift rosters (PlanB) as well as for personnel scheduling (moveo Dispo), highQ ensures efficient, cost-saving processes in transport companies. Our solutions can be scaled as required and are therefore just as suitable for small, regional bus operations as they are for a metropolitan transport network.
  • With PlanB, schedules become more attractive, vehicles are better utilized and shift rosters are flexibly adapted to the needs of your staff. The legally compliant consideration of working and driving time regulations as well as your own collective agreements is a matter of course. If necessary, you can use mathematical optimization tools to uncover additional efficiency reserves in your schedules.
  • It can be installed on a USB stick as well as in large IT infrastructures and is also available as a SaaS application. The optimization functions can be integrated as an additional module or - for occasional users - are also available as SaaS.
planB Fahrweganzeige

The advantages of PlanB at a glance

Regardless of the complexity of the installation, the software is characterized by its simple and intuitive operation - even users who only occasionally take on planning tasks can quickly get to grips with PlanB.


  • Efficient and scalable planning system
    for regional and urban transportation companies and associations
  • Functions that can be integrated
    for disposition and planning optimization
  • Working and driving time regulations
    are taken into account as well as own collective agreements
  • Modular additions
    to the information or control system
  • More attractive schedule design
  • Standard Windows application
    with various relational database systems (e.g. MSSQL, Oracle)
  • Simplifies the calculation
    for tenders
  • Optimal capacity utilization
    of your vehicles and resources
  • Cost reduction
    through simple and efficient planning
  • Optimizes rotations and shifts

How PlanB works

All functions for you in detail

planB Fahrweganzeige

Planning system for the bus

PlanB is a process-oriented system for transport companies of all sizes. In addition to the urban planning process, it also takes particular account of and supports regional transport issues.

Net planning

Manage your master data


  • Company data and operating data (depots, vehicle types)
  • Daily mapping of short-term changes (e.g. construction site traffic)
  • Stops including GPS coordinates and global ID information
  • Routes with differentiated travel times
  • Map integration with routing function
  • Various attributes and parameters, also for supplying downstream systems
  • Management of connection relationships


Your notice at the bus stop


  • Tabular and graphical schedule processing
  • Creation of scheduled services, also with mixed cycles
  • Time correction of travel and waiting times
  • Connection protection of travel relationships
  • Mapping of on-call bus journeys
  • Maintenance of annotations and footnotes
  • Layout design module for designing notices and departure schedules

Circulation planning

Plan efficient routes


  • Manual and automatic circulation planning based on routes
  • Tabular and graphical circulation processing (drag & drop)
  • Automatic addition of circulation-related components (pick-up/drop-off/empty runs)
  • Assignment of rotations to external/subcontractors
  • Automatic mapping of rotations via an optimization process

Shift planning

Optimize your driver planning


  • Manual and automatic shift planning based on journeys and rotations
  • Tabular and graphical service processing (drag & drop)
  • Legally compliant consideration of working time and driving time regulations as well as own collective agreements
  • Parameters for driving time, working time and wage calculation (expenses, bonuses)
  • Automatic display of services via parameterizable optimization

planB grafische Dienstplanung
planB übergreifende Fahrweganzeigekarte

Fast response to new circumstances

PlanB provides you with a convenient solution for planning and simulating new conditions, integrated into your work process.


Optimize your processes and shape the future according to your goals.

  • Sensitivity analysis  
    Small changes = big impact: vehicle savings through minimal changes to departure times
  • Course optimization  
    Tagesscharfe Planung der Wagenumläufe
  • Circulation optimization 
    Automated generation of circulation variants according to different optimization targets 
    Evaluation of the results with individual parameterizable cost function
  • Shift optimization
    Definition of soft and hard optimization targets
    Combination of the circulation pieces into different service variants

Interface management

Numerous export interfaces are available for supplying downstream systems such as ITCS, information systems or ticket printers.


The VDV standard interfaces are a key focus here. A large amount of data can also be exported directly from the system via Microsoft Excel and as CSV files for further processing.

For export

  • VDV+, VDV 452 und 455
  • HAFAS Rohdaten
  • Infopool
  • DINO
  • gtfs
  • METN

For the import

  • via VDV 452
  • via DINO
  • via Excel, with optional data enrichment

moderner Mitarbeiter Service rechts

moveo Profahr

The disposition solution moveo Dispo developed by Moveo Software GmbH can be seamlessly integrated into our planning system PlanB.


It supplements journey, rotation and duty planning with the functions of duty roster planning and personnel scheduling. In combination, both tools offer you a scope of services comparable to that of "large" planning systems - and with significantly lower demands on your own IT infrastructure.

In addition, moveo Profahr is also available as an SaaS solution.

learn more about moveo

PlanB as a service

With PlanB Optimization as a Service, you receive a tailor-made result set based on your data and requirements.

The optimization is based on your individual goals. We determine your optimal vehicle requirements and create different variants of optimized duty and rotation plans. Simply as a service. Unique and individually tailored to your company.

The advantages for you

  •  No investment costs - there are no acquisition costs for optimization tools
  •  Transparent services - a fixed price based on your requirements
  •  Unabhängig von bestehenden Planungswerkzeugen – wir benötigen nur Ihre Daten


Our team will be happy to advise you on individual solutions and services.

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Our PlanB References

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Verkehrsbetriebe Hamburg-Holstein GmbH

"We have had very good experiences with PlanB from highQ for scheduling and duty planning and profahr from moveo. Both systems complement each other perfectly. Services created in PlanB can be quickly and easily transferred to profahr for scheduling via an interface, even with frequent adjustments. Thanks to a differential export, data transfer will take even less time in future."

Thorsten Techentin, Head of Performance Management, Verkehrsbetriebe Hamburg-Holstein GmbH

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