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Our Awards

We see the awards as motivation to advance the mobility transition step by step. And as confirmation of what has been achieved so far.

Our research projects

Juli 2023 - Juli 2026


highQ is part of the European Digital Innovation Hub (EDIH) Thuringia


Juli 2023 - Juli 2026


highQ is a partner in the project “Artificial Intelligence and Mobility”


Juni 2021 - Januar 2026

GAIA-X 4 Roms

highQ Computerlösungen GmbH is a player in the European Gaia-X research project and is involved in the Gaia-X 4 Roms sub-project for future-oriented public mobility.


April 2020 - April 2023

Bauhaus.MobilityLab Erfurt

Innovation through experimentation - highQ is part of the project that aims to create a real-world laboratory of the future in Erfurt
for sustainable and intelligent mobility, logistics and energy supply in Erfurt.


Mai 2019 - Mai 2023

MaaS L.A.B.S.

Mobility as a Service-Plattform: Lively, automated, demand- & sharing-oriented


November 2017 - Februar 2021


school – Strategy change through open data-oriented solutions
is a research project on traffic management in urban areas.


April 2017 - März 2020

SB: Digital

SB:Digital is a joint project with the aim of investigating digital social networks
as a means of designing attractive work.


Juli 2016 - April 2019


The pilot project moveBW - mobility information and traffic management Baden-Württemberg:


Our partners

Because many things move much faster together, we rely on cooperation and diverse partnerships.

Generative Software GmbH

Robots are mostly known from manufacturing industries – but automation has long since made its way into software development.

Recurring, similar programming tasks can largely be automated with help from code generators. This frees up the human software developer for the creative part of their work. At highQ, we use the development platform Virtual Developer of our partner Generative Software, which offers a particularly versatile development environment.

The semi-automated workflow – also called model-driven software development – brings advantages not only for us but also for you as a user of our software solutions. Development times are significantly reduced, creating cost advantages. At the same time, the risk of errors is significantly reduced through automatic code generation – the automatic programmer makes no careless mistakes. Thus time is saved during development and implementation, and your software is ready for use faster. Updates of existing software can also be created quickly and cost-effectively.

Zeitmeilen AG

How can we motivate road users to adopt environmentally friendly mobility behaviour? How can they be convinced to leave their car behind more often and use multimodal ways of travelling, e.g. via public transport or car/bike sharing? Research results show: if a corresponding traffic offer is available in a metropolitan area, individual mobility behaviour regarding mode of transportation, route and time can be steered in the desired direction through ideal, monetary and virtual incentives.

In practice, incentivisation can be implemented in the form of a regional bonus system integrated into the road user's mobility app, such as mytraQ.  With the incentivisation tool of our partner company Zeitmeilen AG Zeitmeilen AG, the user can collect Zeitmeilen (time miles) and later exchange them for benefits such as free travel tickets, free parking times or discounts in local stores. Through an integrated gamification component, users can also compare themselves with others, which is particularly well-received in the corporate environment: when one employee commutes to work in an environmentally friendly manner, other colleagues are "infected" to do the same. In this way, incentivisation through Zeitmeilen contributes to relieving local traffic flows and reducing the CO₂ footprint in a municipality and/or company.

What the Zeitmeilen concept looks like in practice can be seen in the Bonusprogramm der Ruhrbahn. Here, environmentally friendly mobility is rewarded – whether the user travels by bus, train, bicycle or on foot.

Fair City Partners

To solve traffic problems in cities, mobility behaviour needs to change.

Besides a wide range of environmentally friendly transportation options, it is necessary for habits to change. People need to be motivated to switch.

Traffic management affects everyone, from residents, commuters, tourists and craftsmen to suppliers, motorised road users as well as pedestrians and cyclists.

Further cooperation

The future of mobility encompasses many areas, which is why our commitment is also wide-ranging.


highQ: Over 25 years of partnership for effective and sustainable mobility solutions

With more than 25 years of experience, highQ is your reliable partner for future-oriented mobility solutions. Together, we shape the building blocks of sustainable mobility. Whether high technical requirements, new functionalities or legal regulations: thanks to our expert team, we find the ideal solution for you.

Let's shape the future of mobility together!

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