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The new smart revenue protection for public transport


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Secure revenue through targeted ticket controls

With protraQ, transport companies secure their income through targeted ticket controls. The testing process via smartphone app ensures high employee productivity.
The collected data flows directly into the billing systems via standard interfaces for efficient further processing.
You benefit from:


  • Optimized deployment planning
  • rapid testing process
  • Faster data acquisition and further processing
  • Ongoing optimization of the control strategy
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Efficient revenue protection in public transport

Secure revenue – systematically and digitally


Nationwide, “deceitful transport services” cause revenue losses running into millions every year, which transport companies have to make up for through correspondingly higher fares or tax subsidies – to the detriment of honest passengers and taxpayers. Ticket checks are therefore one of the economically indispensable measures in public transport.

An effective check involves more than just a quick glance at the ticket by the inspector. If necessary, he must record the data of the fare evader and issue a receipt for an increased transport fee (EBE), which can take some time. The results of the daily control measures must also be recorded and evaluated administratively. All of these processes, which previously took a lot of time, can be completed quickly and efficiently with digital systems. Not only are the controls themselves significantly simplified, the data exchange with the background system is also completely automated.

Fare evaders are potential customers

The primary goal of securing revenue is to maintain payment behavior and reduce ticket cancellations through sufficiently frequent and precise ticket checks.


Consistent digitalization opens up further possibilities for transport companies: based on the collected test data, test strategies can be optimized and the available personnel can be used more efficiently. Preventive measures such as comprehensive checks on so-called “fare evasion days” can also be easily implemented and then evaluated. If this succeeds in achieving a learning effect and attracting additional customers, everyone involved will be served.

Optimization of the control strategy

The strategic planning of inspection operations improves the transport company's income situation and at the same time relieves the inspectors' workload, so that greater control pressure can be built up with the available staff.


With mytraQ EBE, processes related to securing revenue for a transport company can be designed efficiently and linked into a consistent process. mytraQ EBE has a modular structure so that each transport company can put together individual modules according to their individual needs. The solution is integrated into the existing system landscape.

Advantages of digital revenue protection:

  • Checking all ticket types  
    from paper tickets to e-tickets
  • Submission of test plans 
    and current information to the ticket examiners
  • comprehensive evaluations
  • Use of common smartphones 
    instead of proprietary control devices
  • Product and control module (PKM) 
    is supported according to VDV-KA

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Further information can be found on our privacy policy.


Revenue assurance features and applications

In addition to checking tickets, inspectors will in future be able to use another app to carry out assessments of the vehicles in which they carry out their measure.


This information would then be sent directly to the responsible depot. Dirt and damage could be repaired immediately.
The increased attractiveness of the vehicles made possible by attracting additional passengers and increasing fare revenue.

Furthermore, it is also possible, for example, to carry out passenger counting without having to provide additional staff.

  • Blocking management:
    Before starting work, current blocking lists of invalid tickets are sent to the inspector, so that ticket manipulation is detected immediately.
  • Interfaces:
    A manufacturer-independent standard interface (HUSST) ensures that the highQ modules communicate with systems from different manufacturers. If necessary, additional interfaces can be implemented as part of a development project.
  • Test plans and current information
    Centrally created operational plans are sent directly to the examiners’ smartphones. You can also receive current operational information about ongoing control measures via a message center.
  • Test:
    The tests were carried out using a standard smartphone and a smartphone app. All types of tickets can be checked, from paper tickets to bar and matrix codes to e-tickets.
  • Receipt:
    If a ticket is invalid or does not exist, the inspector can charge an increased transport fee (EBE) directly on the smartphone and create a receipt.
  • Ticket sales:
    Regular tickets are often sold as part of an exam. Here, the testing device offers the option of making the entire tariff available, or even just part of the offer, for sales.
  • Data exchange in the backend:
    At the end of the shift, all control data records are transferred to the backend so that ticket manipulations are detected immediately.
  • Statistical evaluation:
    Data on the scope, location and time of control operations can be statistically evaluated after the operation and used to plan and optimize future control measures. The testing personnel can be deployed optimally.

Effective revenue protection in just a few steps

With protraQ, transport companies make their revenue protection smart - using a data-based control strategy, they take targeted and cost-efficient action against driving without a valid ticket.


  • Step 1. Ticket examiner deployment planning: Optimal deployment of employees
    Using the data sets from previous controls, it is possible to predict when and where the proportion of passengers without a ticket is likely to be particularly high. For maximum effect, the testing staff can be deployed there in a targeted manner.
  • Step 2. Quick testing process:
    Employees receive their deployment plan and current information directly on their smartphone. The actual ticket check is carried out by scanning the ticket (barcode or e-ticket). The system checks fully automatically in the background.
  • Step 3. Quick data capture for passengers without a valid ticket:
    If a ticket is not valid, the app shows the exact reason. The passenger's personal data is also recorded quickly directly in the app. A receipt can be created using the connected receipt printer.
  • Step 4: Efficient data processing & receivables management:
    The passenger data collected flows directly into the background systems of the transport companies in accordance with GDPR. There they can be processed for further processing with regard to debt management and possible criminal consequences.
  • Step 5: Further optimization of the control strategy:
    All checks are saved by the system, regardless of whether a ticket turns out to be valid. Using this data, the control strategy can be further optimized. In this way, hotspots for driving without a ticket can be identified or the performance of individual examiner employees can be evaluated.


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