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The secure and uncomplicated connection to interoperable background systems

The nationwide, standardized interoperability network (ION) meets the highest requirements for scalability, data throughput, data protection and security. From the beginning, highQ was involved in the development of interoperable electronic fare management according to the eTicket Deutschland standard (VDV-KA). With the nationwide uniform eTicket Deutschland, other services - from car sharing to bicycle rental to event tickets - can also be paid for cashless.


IONgate provides elementary functions for electronic fare management in public transport. It enables easy access to so-called competitor networks in which companies can network with each other in order to be able to offer their customers improved or new processes.

Adaptable systems for interoperable operations

In times of the nationwide standard of eTicket Germany, all systems must be designed or adaptable for interoperable operation.


In order to enable smaller transport companies without an extensive IT infrastructure to have a secure and uncomplicated connection to interoperable background systems (ION),
we developed the IONgate appliance. The handling of cross-company processes when using e-tickets is significantly simplified with the pre-installed, pre-configured device.
This means that up to several thousand companies can be networked with one another in so-called competitor networks.

In 2018, IONgate received an innovation award for “particularly innovative solutions that make medium-sized companies fit for a successful digital future”.

Multimodal route chains with an eTicket

With just one eTicket, multimodal routes can be covered nationwide using buses, trains, bicycles and other means of transport. What is extremely convenient for public transport users requires sophisticated technology in the background. Sensitive personal usage data must be reliably collected and processed securely.

All transport companies involved must be able to rely on the fact that their services are accurately determined and billed. To do this, it is important to comprehensively take into account a wide range of requirements, from cashless payment transactions to eTicket and tariff systems, different role models and usage types, different requirements from individual companies to transport associations and, of course, data protection for passengers and companies.

The advantages of IONgate in 3 minutes

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Note on the DSGVO

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Interfaces, blacklist management and control service

High-performance background systems are only as good as their interfaces.


Only if access works smoothly for all transport companies and other providers in intermodal transport can the vision of uniform eTicketing throughout Germany come true. The blacklist management and the control service (KOSE) have a particular influence on the success of the (((eTicket Deutschland.

highQ also meets all KA requirements in this sensitive area and has proven this not only in several pilot projects.

The handling has been used successfully for many years:

  • (Difference-) blacklists
  • Blocking of applications or authorizations
  • temporary locks

Action list management and WEB clearing

Action list management offers many opportunities to optimize the company's own processes.


IONgate supports you in this – regardless of whether you are part of such an environment or want to run action list management yourself.

The reliable determination of mutual claims is a basic requirement for interoperable cooperation between transport companies. highQ has provided various KA-compliant options for WEB clearing.

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Convenient versioning and plug & play

Systems continue to evolve. In a nationwide open interoperability network, different versions must be able to work smoothly with each other at all times.


  • highQ background systems can be updated without interrupting operations and are compatible with other switching nodes in the ION at any time.
  • But not every company needs an individual background system.
  • That's why highQ also offers plug & play solutions for simple, uncomplicated connection to the ION.

Our references to IONgate

eTicketing for VDV-KA

“highQ is also committed to the VDV-KA outside of the introduction projects and is actively working on the further development of the specification. There are real e-ticket specialists at work at highQ."

Elke Fischer,VDV eTicket Service GmbH & Co. KG

TicketOffice - KOSE-P & WEB-Clearing P

“I know highQ from the very successful collaboration around TicketOffice, KOSE-P and WEB-Clearing-P. highQ was always competent and punctual in all projects. "It's also very pleasant to work with a technology company where results focus is not just about the quarterly report."

Hans-Andreas Hoffmann, Project consultant

highQ: Partner for fair and sustainable mobility solutions for over 25 years

With more than 25 years of experience, highQ is your reliable partner for future-oriented mobility solutions. Together we design the building blocks of sustainable mobility. Whether high technical requirements, new functionalities or legal regulations: thanks to our team of experts, we will find the ideal solution for you.


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