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Sustainability at highQ

We take responsibility for ourselves, for others and for the environment


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Commitment to sustainability

Our actions should be distinguished by ecological, economic and social sustainability across all areas of the company. Therefore,

  • we focus on the careful use of resources,
  • take on social responsibility,
  • support internal sustainability projects

and work daily on innovative digital software solutions that make mobility more social, beneficial to the common good and sustainable.

With mobility that benefits the common good
towards a better future

Our services and products for 
public transport are an important contribution to 
mobility that benefits the common good

Mission: To advance the transport transition


Socially responsible mobility requires a change in habits. With innovative digital solutions, we want to convince people that flexible mobility behaviour sustainably improves the quality of life.

Vision: Better quality of life for all


Urban streets and squares will no longer be dominated by traffic but will belong to the people again. Rural areas remain attractive for young and old. Thanks to intelligent, multimodal mobility, everyone can reach their destination in a socially responsible and environmentally friendly way.

Our awards for sustainability


For our ecologically sustainable commitment, we were awarded the title "KLIMAfit Company" – the official promotion programme of the state of Baden-Württemberg. In this way, we also contribute to sustainably shaping the regional economy and achieving the United Nations' climate goals faster.




The MobilSiegel is awarded by Freiburger Verkehrs AG on behalf of the city of Freiburg and in cooperation with the districts of Emmendingen and Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald.
The award is given to companies that excel in the areas of organisation, infrastructure, marketing and communication.



The association Klimapartner Oberrhein e.V. awarded us the title "Climate-Friendly Employer" because we handle resources with particular care and, for example, make our business trips by bus and train whenever possible. Our social responsibility as a company and employer is also reflected in the award.

Corporate mobility management

Mobile by train and bus
For business trips, we forego flights and use trains and public transportation whenever feasible. Everyone who comes to work by public transport receives the Deutschlandticket, valid nationwide.

A green fleet
Since 2023, our company cars have been either hybrid or purely electric. In addition, an electric sharing car and an electric cargo bike can be used at our location in Freiburg. And for all employees and visitors, there is a charging station available in front of our headquarters that charges pure green electricity.

We like to cycle
In Freiburg, a bicycle space as well as shower and changing facilities are available. If you need to transport something bigger, you can use the electric highQ cargo bike. And because we enjoy cycling so much, we take part in the "Stadtradeln" city cycling campaign nationwide.


Sustainability culture in practice

Online instead of onsite
Work and service routes that are not travelled save CO₂ – and time. The option to work remotely not only helps the environment but also makes it easier to coordinate personal and business matters. The use of online meeting tools is an integral part of our business routine, allowing us to participate in events or meetings online when sensible. Our internal coordination often takes place in a hybrid format as well.

Internal sustainability projects at highQ
Impetus from projects with our trainees, students and employees helps to make our processes more resource-efficient. Even seemingly small things make us more sustainable step by step: LED lights, smart heating, digital instead of paper – and if printing is necessary, then on recycled paper. And we are always open to new suggestions. 

Climate-friendly partnerships



From climate-neutral hosting partners, to hotels with high environmental standards for overnight stays on business trips, to regional fruit suppliers.
In Hamburg and at our headquarters in Freiburg, we also source 100% green electricity, which we use to charge the electric cars and e-bikes in Freiburg. 

Social commitment

Taking on social responsibility through donations and sponsorships is part of the company tradition.
In selecting the recipients of donations, we ensure a good mix of different commitments and a balanced ratio of regional and international organisations. In recent years, non-profit organisations and projects in the fields of humanitarian aid, health, culture, sport and animal welfare have been supported.


highQ employees can also suggest organisations that are close to their hearts.


Since August 2021, highQ has been one of the 15 FAIR ways partner companies of SC Freiburg. The FAIR ways partners award the FAIR ways Sponsorship Prize each year. It is given in partial amounts to non-profit institutions and projects from the region that engage in education, physical activity, environment and solidarity, just like the sports club.


We also support the Freiburg Sacristans, the American football department of the Freiburger Turnerschaft von 1844 sports club. Our commitment promotes, among other things, youth work and socially disadvantaged team members.

highQ: Over 25 years of partnership for effective and sustainable mobility solutions

With more than 25 years of experience, highQ is your reliable partner for future-oriented mobility solutions. Together, we shape the building blocks of sustainable mobility. Whether high technical requirements, new functionalities or legal regulations: thanks to our expert team, we find the ideal solution for you.


Sustainability at highQ

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