The highQ EAV-Module

In this way, transport associations realize an exact, complex and transparent distribution of revenue


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Reliably map rule-compliant divisions

The highQ EAV module (revenue distribution procedure) ensures a compliant distribution of revenue between transport companies, associations and mergers of several organizations.

  • Performance-related, demand-oriented revenue distribution is possible, taking into account transfers, ticket types, distances (km, zones), parallel services, different tariff systems (composite house tariff).
  • Distribution can be controlled in detail, even as a mixture of several distribution models, e.g. key-based and performance-based distribution.
  • Dynamically develop the distribution: Determination of dynamic key values based on current sales or distribution figures is possible.
  • Use of compensation factors to correctly map feeder services, city traffic models or transition periods.
  • All relevant data included: Including tariff, sales and distribution database.

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Four simple steps to an exact one
and transparent revenue distribution

Step 1: Import data from different sources

The highQ EAV module has various interfaces to feed in data for the division: In addition to the standard interface (CSV-SST), the system can also read in data via the manufacturer-independent standard interface (HUSST). In addition, proprietary interfaces can also be connected.

Step 2: Unify and validate data

Now the data from different sources is standardized and validated. This happens automatically and taking into account all the information contained in the data. Cross-month sales are assigned by the system, late reports are taken into account and correction reports can be sent if requested, for example at the end of the year as “13. “Month” billed.

Step 3: Process data and calculate split

Now the mathematical distribution of income begins based on the stored rules. Everything can be mapped, from distribution based on individual transport to complex in-house tariffs or mixed procedures.

Step 4: Output detailed distribution records

The highQ EAV module outputs detailed distribution data records after the revenue distribution process has been carried out. This means you can provide comprehensible evidence of the contractual distribution of income at any time.

The highQ EAV module in use at OstalbMobil

"We have a finely structured zone tariff. This ensures more fairness in price determination and revenue distribution, but significantly more tariffs have to be maintained. However, these could be mapped one-to-one in the highQ system. Our revenue distribution is now much more up-to-date and precise therefore easy to understand for everyone involved."


Paul-Gerhard Maier, CEO OstalbMobil GmbH

Reliably map complex revenue distribution logic

  • Distribution based on individual transport  The income is distributed based on the individual's specific connection. Transfers between means of transport are distributed proportionally to the distance traveled.
  • Show house fares & special rules  If a specific provider or tariff is planned for certain routes or areas, this can be automatically taken into account during distribution. Any form of special rules can also be stored and, for example, certain types of tickets can be excluded from the distribution.
  • Take parallel traffic into account – parallel traffic is stored in the master data. The distribution to the individual providers or means of transport is then carried out using share values.
  • Distribution for multimodal transport – switches can be taken into account based on available real values or using share data.
  • Key-based distribution – Instead of distribution based on individual travel distance, key-based distribution methods can also be used. These keys can be recorded manually and provided with prerequisites. Alternatively, the module can also calculate distribution keys, for example based on current sales or distribution data.


You will of course be supported by our EAV experts when creating your specific revenue distribution procedure in the software.

The opportunities of dynamic revenue distribution

“In many associations there has so far only been a rough, historically developed division based on old income. However, this static model increasingly fails to meet today's practical and legal requirements. Static systems no longer correctly reflect the constantly changing traffic situation.

A sales data-based EAV, on the other hand, is a living system that keeps pace with traffic developments and thus always remains up to date. Thanks to the transparent distribution based on real figures, everyone involved feels that they are being treated fairly.”


Erik Schlegel, EAV-expert and project manager at highQ

Bild von Erik Schlegel
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A tailor-made software solution for your requirements

We know from a variety of EAV projects that there are two major challenges when implementing revenue sharing software.


  • Complex revenue sharing agreements: In order to ensure a fair distribution of revenue, many associations rely on multi-stage procedures with additional special regulations. Their implementation can sometimes be complicated in practice.
  • Incomplete or incorrect data: Incorrectly formatted records, subsequent corrections to reported data, and late reporting.

Customizable & flexibly expandable

We took both points into account when developing our software.


  • Data can be read in in a GDPR-compliant manner via a variety of possible interfaces. Since our software solutions were fundamentally developed on a modular basis and can be adapted to the respective situation, integration into any existing system is possible.
  • Common sources of error in the data are taken into account by the automatic validation and the software offers user-friendly standard functions for subsequent adjustment of incorrectly reported data and late reports.
  • As with the interfaces, any distribution system can also be covered in the specific revenue distribution logic. The logics mentioned are only to be understood as examples. We would be happy to map your specific distribution logic in the highQ EAV module.

You have the choice:

You get the highQ EAV module in these 2 variants


highQ EAV module as an independent solution

The highQ EAV module is a standalone software tool that can be easily integrated into your existing systems.


Using the existing (e.g. TicketOffice) or customized interfaces for your setup, you can now rely on a simple, flexible and transparent revenue distribution that suits your individual circumstances.

More about TicketOffice

fare.logiQ – Total revenue management solution

The highQ EAV module is also available as part of the fare.logiQ revenue management software.


All transport services (tickets and subscriptions) are brought together, booked and billed in a central database. This can also be easily integrated into existing systems via interfaces.

More about fare.logiQ

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Your advantages with the highQ EAV module

  • Reliably map complex revenue distribution logic and apply dynamic processes based on real demand and transport offers at the push of a button.
  • Merge, split and bill raw data in one tool.
  • Clean data through automatic validation procedures and standard processes for late reporting and corrections of incorrectly reported data.
  • Transparent billing through detailed distribution records for everyone involved.
  • Full-fledged subledger, in conjunction with fare.logiQ, for legally compliant billing according to GoBD (standard IDW PS 880).


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