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Revenue management for every size of business

The fare.logiQ EFM software

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The fare.logiQ EFM software from Freiburg-based IT company highQ has so far been designed primarily for use in small to medium-sized transport companies. In its latest version, the system can now be scaled up as required and offers full functionality for even complex installations in large transport companies and associations. At the same time, highQ has preserved the system’s simple, intuitive operability.

“Revenue management is a central component in mobility solutions of every size”, explained Kai Horn, Head of Marketing and Sales at highQ. “That’s why we have made our system capable of meeting the exacting requirements of our major customers. fare.logiQ has already been in use across Germany for 15 years and now has full mass data capability. Our largest installations, such as DB Vertrieb, will soon have as many as one million customers in the system.”

Whether for small, medium or large companies, fare.logiQ makes revenue management much easier and clearer. This is because the sales and booking data of different accounting centres or affiliated companies are combined in a central revenue database. Appropriate interfaces (e.g. SAP) make it easy to transfer EFM data to general ledger accounting. Another advantage is that fare.logiQ is database independent, allowing it to be easily integrated into existing IT infrastructures. The system is infinitely scalable, from a small installation using a cost-free database to complex installations with an Oracle connection. Beyond that, fare.logiQ is also available as a SaaS solution.

eTicket Germany compliant
A frequent customer requirement for EFM systems is conformity with eTicket Germany, also known in industry circles as the VDV core application, or KA. As one of the first providers of VDV-KA-compliant solutions, highQ was instrumental in the development of the Germany-wide standard and was also the first to receive the relevant certification. This means that highQ products are proven to ensure safe interoperable operation.

Integrated BI and CPM tools
Large transportation companies in particular also attach importance to business intelligence and corporate performance management functions, which enable them to systematically analyse and optimise business processes. As a result, fare.logiQ now also features modular BI and CPM tools. Despite this enormous increase in functionality, one proven feature of fare.logiQ remains intact: the simple and intuitive operating concept. According to Kai Horn, this is currently being optimised together with user-experience experts for use in large transport companies. “This means we are now in a position to offer a suitable solution for companies of all sizes.”


fare.logiQ features

  • Completeness check of the device layers
  • Flexible cash management with optional Safebag administration
  • Driver accounting via driver accounts
  • Customisable consolidated booking function
  • Retrospective additions and deductions in the customer centre
  • Accrual accounting via daily and monthly financial statements
  • Monthly composite reports and statistical evaluations
  • Configurable managed, multi-client data management
  • Vendor-independent database technology, for example for Oracle or MS SQL Server
  • Integrated BI tool
  • eTicket Germany certified

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