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TicketOffice – the digital ticket counter

Multiple distribution channels = one solution

TicketOffice is highQ’s digital “ticket counter” – a true all-in-one solution for the efficient and transparent management of season ticket holders, occasional passengers and school transportation. This versatile fare management system supports all types of travel authorisation, whether paper ticket, chip card or smartphone ticket. It also supports all the usual sales channels, from the customer centre back office, service points and web portals to the connection of corporate customer passes, job, student and school student tickets.

Users particularly appreciate how easy TicketOffice is to use and its many practical functions. One example is the flexible import of contract data for subscription management, such as student inventory lists that are not particularly standardised, or the provision of inventory exports and statistics.

TicketOffice is already in use in 30 public transport associations and 50 other transport companies throughout Germany. Because the system can be scaled as required, it is suitable for both small bus companies and large associations with hundreds of thousands of customers. The system can be used for rail or bus, metropolitan or rural areas, chip card, paper ticket or online ticket. TicketOffice offers the ideal solution for everything. In addition, the software is fully compatible with the nationwide standard eTicket Deutschland. Several users are already operating a cross-network check-in/check-out system on this basis.



of TicketOffice

  • Simplify your subscriber administration, student and occasional passengers (check-in/check-out) with multi-level receivables management and comprehensive reporting
  • Book transportation revenues, third-party revenues and product sales
  • Process different tariff sources and integrate different sales channels and output technologies
  • Export options for mail merge, bookings and receivables exports, statistics, or for NAVISION data transfer
  • Make date-controlled fare adjustments and flexible price algorithms for student transport, even for co-payment rules

Receivables management

With its multi-level receivables management, TicketOffice supports all relevant booking processes, from SEPA direct debit, cost unit billing, payment reminders and multi-level dunning to the transfer of collections. The preliminary check is carried out via automated optional credit check requests. The optional fare.logiQ modules EDB (revenue database) and differentiated EAV (revenue splitting) complement the billing-related workflow. The results database module ensures that you always have a detailed overview of your revenues. An SAP interface integrated in TicketOffice can transfer this data directly to general ledger accounting. This automatic process increases efficiency and reduces costs.


The receivables management function of TicketOffice includes:

  • Automatic chargebacks
  • SEPA CAMT messages
  • RLS DTI or MT940
  • Import of electronic bank statements
  • Integrated sub-ledger accounting
  • Pre-paid auto-load functionality for revenue assurance
  • Credit balance settlement
  • Cost unit accounting
  • Postings of cash receipts and fees
  • Credit assessment
  • Electronic submission of collections

Tariff module

Tariffs can be imported from different sources and administered within TicketOffice. As well as standard price calculation, you can also define rules for determining your own contribution.


Role-based authorisation management

Functions and views can be assigned to freely definable roles and provided with read/write authorisation.


New school year support

This module supports you in upgrading classes, changing schools, and even in issuing large blocks of tickets.

Configure templates to match your corporate design

You can design all cover letters and templates according to your own corporate design. The TicketOffice layout editor supports you in designing ticket layouts, cover letters and reports. The editing functions are easy and intuitive to use.

Create automatic cover letters when printing tickets or preparing monthly statements, or combine special promotions with a personalised, automated cover letter (e.g. when welcoming new customers). The numerous text modules in the TicketOffice editor function make it easy to create cover letters.

  • Layout editor
  • Image processing and application management with barcode option for faster capture of subscription and student applications
  • Scanner and camera interface

TicketOffice internet sales

As well as traditional offline sales through customer or subscription centres, TicketOffice naturally includes web services and ready-made applications for sales via the internet and mobile devices.


Ticket printing module & cover letter controller

Extensive filter options help you to organise your printing activities. Status-based cover letter control facilitates targeted customer contact.


Other TicketOffice features

  • Comprehensive product configuration options plus distribution of tariffs to end devices (EFAD) via the vendor-independent HUSST standard interface
  • Includes an interface for personalised mass communications in accordance with VDV-KA
  • Pre-paid auto-load functionality to secure revenue
  • Differentiated rights-role management
  • Integrated tools (image processing for people images, layout editor and barcode option, scanner and camera interfaces)

As an option, you can also support your billing-related workflow with fare.logiQ modules such as the revenue database and the revenue splitting process.


“I got to know highQ from the very successful collaboration concerning TicketOffice, KOSE-P and WEB-Clearing-P. highQ was always extremely competent and punctual in all projects. It’s also a pleasure to work with a technology company where results orientation is not solely related to the quarterly report.”


Hans-Andreas Hoffmann, project consultant


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