Product description

The universal highQ Android TicketApp

Mobile ticketing and EBE testing made easy

Mobile ticket sales using a tablet provide the bus driver with an appropriate mobility assistant. Because the highQ TicketApp can be installed on standard Android tablets, there is no need for expensive, proprietary hardware solutions. Combined with a separate industrial printer unit, this creates a comprehensive, user-friendly sales system for the bus driver.

Today, highQ TicketApp is also regularly integrated into on-board computers and ticket printers from three suppliers. In this way, existing hardware can continue to be used and at the same time optimised.

The highQ TicketApp can be expanded at any time to include the eTicket Deutschland Standard (VDV-KA) and is part of an open, expandable system that can be connected directly to your ITCS. Data provision and disposal is simple and uncomplicated thanks to a central tariff and master data administration and the vendor-independent interface (HUSST) to the background system.

On request, we will also be happy to offer you our TicketApp in combination with our fare.logiQ accounting and fare management system.


  • Mobile ticket sales
  • Hardware-independent system
  • Platform-independent system
  • Open, expandable system
  • Supports the vendor-independent HUSST standard interface
  • Central tariff and master data administration
  • Designed for Android, Apple iOS, Windows and Linux devices
  • Clear presentation of all information relevant to drivers (stops, delays, tickets, etc.)
  • Possibility to group the ticket display
  • Ability to install additional passenger service apps



Once installed on your sales devices and connected to your background system and ITCS, our highQ TicketApp automatically supplies itself with the latest tariff data. Your drivers simply log on and can start selling immediately. By individually sorting the tickets according to your company's needs, your employees always have an overview of all offers. At the end of the shift, all sales data is automatically transferred to your background system so that you will always be fully informed about your sales. With our ticket layout editor, you also have the option of creating tickets yourself or changing existing ones.


Additional functions

You can combine the highQ TicketApp with our user-friendly fare.logiQ accounting system. This makes fare management even easier and clearer.

Detailed information about fare.logiQ can be found here.


Customer opinions

“We are proud of the new, jointly developed Sylt shuttle booking system and, at the same time, we can look back on a truly long-standing collaboration since 2001. Thanks to the company’s expertise, highQ has been able to keep our system up to date over the past two decades through continuous further development – in the fast-moving IT world, this is certainly anything but the norm.”


Thomas Hellwig, Project Leader at DB Fernverkehr AG


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