Mobility assistants

highQ’s smartphone-based mobility assistants provide both road users and transport companies with simple and convenient access to the data in the backend system that is relevant to the respective user.


App for ticket control and mobile phone ticket


The versatile and user-friendly mytraQ smartphone app can be used by both passengers and transport inspectors and offers specific functions for each. The application enables users of public transport to use interoperable and multimodal routing and ticketing via the check-in/checkout process (CiCo), while ticket inspectors can easily check tickets. In addition, mytraQ can be used to book demand-based services for the last few miles (CiCo Taxi).

With mytraQ, passengers can find the optimal route through the city for them and also buy the corresponding ticket, regardless of the mode of transport they use to cover the individual sections. They can decide whether they want to reach their destination particularly quickly, in an environmentally friendly way or at low cost. If they need a taxi to complete the journey, this can also be booked via the app without needing cash.

Because mytraQ can be installed on standard iOS or Android smartphones, transport companies no longer have to purchase cost-intensive monitoring devices for ticket control. Even taxi services can be billed directly to the transport company via the mytraQ check-in/checkout process (CiCo Taxi).

Ticket sales on a tablet

highQ TicketApp

We also have an ideal mobility assistant for bus drivers. The highQ TicketApp can be installed on standard Android tablets, eliminating the need for expensive, proprietary hardware solutions. When combined with an industrial printer unit, for example, this results in a complete, user-friendly sales system.

PlanB App

Another advantage of the Android platform is the option to install additional apps. With the help of the PlanB app, bus drivers and inspectors can use their tablets or smartphones to directly access the transport company’s timetable and real-time data, as well as to retrieve current timetable information.


Planning & scheduling

With our planning and scheduling tools, we offer transport companies of all sizes comprehensive support in their operational planning tasks – from network and timetable planning to vehicle and duty roster planning and personnel scheduling. Not only do you have your daily processes under control, you also receive precise proposals for solutions and reliable data for your tender calculations, quickly and with minimal effort.


Driver, duty and roster planning


Our tried and tested PlanB planning system ensures efficient, cost-saving processes in every transport company. Timetables become more attractive, vehicles are better utilised and duty rosters are flexibly adapted to the needs of your staff. It goes without saying that work and driving time regulations as well as your own wage agreements are taken into account in a legally compliant manner. If required, you can use mathematical optimisation tools to reveal additional efficiency reserves in your plans.

Because PlanB is completely scalable, it is suitable for anything from small regional bus operations to major metropolitan transport networks. It can be as easily installed on a USB stick as in large IT infrastructures and is also available as a SaaS application. The optimisation functions can be integrated as an additional module or – for occasional users – used in SaaS form.

Irrespective of the complexity of the installation, the software is characterised by its simple and intuitive operation. Even users who only occasionally perform planning tasks will quickly become familiar with Plan.

moveo Dispo

Developed by Moveo Software GmbH, the moveo Dispo scheduling solution can be seamlessly integrated into our PlanB planning system. It supplements driver, roster and duty planning with the functions of duty sequence planning and personnel scheduling. Used in combination, these two tools offer you a scope of services that is comparable to that of large planning systems – with significantly lower demands on your own IT infrastructure. In addition, moveo Dispo is also available as a SaaS solution.



Digital mobility requires flexible data exchange between all systems involved in fare management and – in interoperable mode – also between different mobility service providers. Our solutions are fully complaint with the eTicket Germany standard and thus enable a continuous and interoperable data flow, from ticket purchase to billing in the backend system.


Ticket sales on a tablet

highQ TicketApp

The highQ TicketApp can be installed on standard Android tablets, eliminating the need for costly proprietary hardware solutions. In combination with an industrial printer unit, this results in a complete, user-friendly sales system for bus drivers. Thanks to central tariff and master data administration and the vendor-independent interface (HUSST) to the backend system, data provision and disposal is simple and uncomplicated. If required, the highQ TicketApp can be extended to include the eTicket Germany standard (VDV-KA) at any time.

Control App

Parallel to the highQ TicketApp, there is also a mobility assistant for efficient ticket control. Using the Control App, inspectors can easily and efficiently record increased transport charges (EBE) and issue receipts. Because the app can easily be installed on a standard smartphone, they no longer need to carry a proprietary – and usually heavy – monitoring device. This saves both weight and costs.


Central back office


With our fare.logiQ revenue management system, booking and accounting for transport services is simple and clear. Via a vendor-independent data interface (HUSST), all sales channels can be easily connected. The sales and booking data of the various accounting centres or affiliated companies are combined in a central, multi-client-capable revenue database. Using suitable interfaces (e.g. SAP), you can then easily transfer the data to your general ledger.

A particular advantage of fare.logiQ is its database independence, which allows easy integration into existing IT infrastructures. The system is completely scalable – from a small installation with a cost-free database to complex installations with an Oracle connection. There is also a SaaS solution available. This makes fare.logiQ suitable for complex corporate structures with very large amounts of data, while still remaining easy and intuitive to use.



In this era of the nationwide eTicket Germany standard, all systems are required to be designed or adaptable for interoperable operation. To this end, we developed the IONgate appliance to enable smaller transport companies without an extensive IT infrastructure to connect securely and easily to interoperable background systems (ION). The pre-installed, pre-configured terminal device substantially simplifies the handling of cross-company processes when using e-tickets. Up to several thousand companies can be networked with each other in so-called cooperative competition networks. In 2018, IONgate received an innovation award for “particularly innovative solutions that make medium-sized companies fit for a successful digital future”.

Subscription administration

The administration of customer and payment data is one of the essential tasks in a transport company. In particular, the handling of subscriptions, student and job tickets usually involves a great deal of effort. This can be done much more efficiently with digital solutions from highQ.


Subscription administration and fare management


With our digital “ticket booth” TicketOffice, highQ offers a true all-in-one solution for the efficient and transparent management of subscribers, occasional travellers and school students. This versatile fare management system supports all types of travel authorisations, whether paper tickets, chip cards or mobile phone tickets, as well as all standard sales channels, from customer centre back offices, service points and web portals to the connection of key account subscriptions, job and student tickets.

Users particularly appreciate its ease of use and the many practical functions that TicketOffice provides. One example is the flexible import of contract data for subscription management, such as from school student lists, which are not very standardised. The system also effortlessly handles the provision of asset exports and statistics.

TicketOffice is already being used by 30 transport associations and 50 other transport companies throughout Germany. The system is completely scalable and is therefore suitable for both small bus companies and large networks with hundreds of thousands of customers. The software is fully compatible with the nationwide eTicket Germany standard and several users already operate a cross-network check-in/check-out (CiCo) system on this basis.

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