As everyone knows, the fun stops when it comes to money. This is why we support banks, savings banks and real estate companies in the effective and secure management of their construction projects and property portfolios. We can offer you the right software solution for both the credit phase and the management of your portfolios. As a result, you will always know what the current status is and what measures are pending.


Property developer credit management


Improved overview, reduced risk: Our database-supported, network-compatible abakusBT software is the leading solution on the market for the effective and secure management of property developer loans. Thanks to the clear and uniform administration system, your data is always up-to-date and the risk of errors minimised. You can see immediately if something threatens to get out of hand and are therefore able to intervene in good time. Because it was developed together with the people who use it, this practice-orientated software is precisely tailored to the needs of its users. abakusBT has been deployed successfully in numerous banks and savings banks for years.


Inventory holder management


It is not just lenders who can benefit from the advantages of our controlling solutions, but also property owners. With abakusRE, there is now an effective and easy-to-use software package for the management of your existing real estate assets. Whether as a bank, real estate company or private landlord, abakusRE enables you to administer your properties securely and transparently.



highQ facilitates traffic control without the need for speed cameras. For us, it is much more a matter of using intelligent software to analyse traffic flows and then steer them gently in the right direction – above all, using environmentally friendly modes of transport. With our controlling solutions for the mobility sector, you always have an overview of how well traffic control measures are working and where you can effectively take corrective action.


highQ Mobility Cockpit

The intelligent route recommendations provided by our mobility platform enable road users to avoid traffic jams and find the best route through day-to-day congestion. In the ideal scenario, we even manage to guide them away from their own cars and towards environmentally friendly modes of transportation, such as public transport or bicycles. An incentive component (time miles) integrated into the mobility app provides an additional impetus to adopt “sensible” traffic behaviour.

The highQ Mobility Cockpit enables you to check how far the suggestions provided by the mobility platform are being accepted, the effectiveness of individual incentives, and whether the modal split is actually changing. All this can be monitored and, if necessary, further incentives provided.

The tool is also of interest to companies that take environmental and climate protection seriously and want to convince their workforce of the benefits of using more environmentally friendly mobility to get to work. You can track acceptance levels among your staff and the effectiveness of your incentives in detail in the highQ Mobility Cockpit. Naturally, all user data is gathered and used in accordance with the latest data protection standards, such as the German Data Protection Act (DSGVO).

Fare management

Fare management

Transport companies or associations typically operate multiple ticket types and distribution channels – from mobile phone tickets to automatic ticketing machines and student passes. With our fare.logiQ revenue management system, booking and accounting for transport services is simple and clear, regardless of the source. All sales channels can be easily linked via a vendor-independent data interface (HUSST), while the sales and booking data of the various accounting centres or affiliated companies are combined in a central, multi-client revenue database. Using suitable interfaces (e.g. SAP), you can then easily transfer the data to your general ledger.

A particular advantage of fare.logiQ is its database independence, which allows easy integration into existing IT infrastructures. At the same time, the system is completely scalable – from a small installation with a cost-free database to complex installations with an Oracle connection. A SaaS solution is also available. This makes fare.logiQ suitable for complex corporate structures with very large amounts of data – while still remaining easy and intuitive to use.

Functional Overview fare.logiQ

Revenue protection

Revenue protection

Ticket checks are an indispensable part of the public transport system. Year after year, the "fraudulent acquisition of transport services" causes revenue losses amounting to millions of euros nationwide, which the transport companies have to compensate for with correspondingly higher fares or tax subsidies.

An effective inspection involves more than just the ticket inspector's quick glance at the ticket. The data of the customer liable to pay must be recorded and a receipt for an increased transport fee (EBE) must be issued. The results of the daily control measures are recorded administratively and offer numerous evaluation possibilities. Today, the entire process can be completed quickly and efficiently with digital systems. With mytraQ EBE, checking is simplified and also the data exchange with the background system is fully automated.


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