We network the mobility of the future

We work with municipalities, public transport organisations and companies to network the diverse mobility services of a region into a single smart solution. Together, we are driving the mobility revolution forward.



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Credit management for banks

Banks and savings banks rely on our software for the effective management of property development projects and for their portfolio properties.

Forward together

highQ is a first mover in mobility platforms.


While many places are still fine-tuning ideas and brainstorming concepts and possibilities, the municipalities and companies we partner with are already years ahead. highQ is a leading provider of mobility platforms in the German-speaking market.

The solutions are there, but the networking is missing.

The range of innovative mobility offers is growing every day: car sharing, e-scooters, rental bikes and more are all making sustainable mobility more attractive.


The problem is that few such offers are smoothly integrated. Because the whole point is the intelligent combination of various possibilities, only a fully networked solution is capable of delivering maximum value.

The networking experts

We are convinced that the breakthrough to more sustainable mobility will succeed if sustainable mobility offers are optimally linked and thus maximally attractive.


We network a wide range of mobility services to create smart, integrated solutions. Together with our public transport partners, we are helping sustainable mobility to achieve a breakthrough.

Our solutions

Solutions for transport companies & associations

Many transport associations and transport companies already rely on our solutions for the management of staff, routes and tickets. From journey and roster scheduling to ticket sales and planning on-demand transport services, our solutions ensure perfect processes.


Urban streets and squares are no longer dominated by traffic, but belong to the people again. Rural areas remain attractive for young and old. Thanks to intelligent, multimodal mobility, everyone can reach his or her destination in a socially responsible and environmentally friendly way.

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Solutions for connected mobility

Our mobility platform combines a variety of mobility offers into a single intuitive package. With the intuitive mytraQ app, passengers can easily select the perfect transport mix. This allows them to reach their destination quickly, comfortably and sustainably.


The associated mytraQ customer app gives passengers the opportunity to reach their destination quickly and comfortably by using the perfect combination transport modes.

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Time Miles Ltd:
Incentivising sustainable mobility

How can transport users be motivated to adopt environmentally friendly mobility behaviour? How can we manage traffic flows more effectively, reduce congestion and strengthen sustainable transport?


Our Time Miles solution has the answers.

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Solutions for municipalities

More and more municipalities are facing the challenge of increasing traffic flows. The good news is that because more and more transport modes are digitised, they can be centrally planned, controlled and optimised.


Solutions from highQ optimise traffic flows, reduce hazards around schools, strengthen sustainable mobility solutions – and much more.

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Osnabrück is multimodally networked

“Via our digital mobility platform, our customers can conveniently access all mobility offers from a single source. Thanks to the modular system structure, we can add further offers at any time.”

Maik Blome, Marketing and Sales Manager Mobility Stadtwerke Osnabrück.

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