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Standardised e-ticketing for cities, regions and networks

IONgate enables secure and uncomplicated connection to interoperable backend systems. The nationwide, standardised interoperability network (ION) meets the highest requirements for scalability, data throughput, data protection and security. highQ was involved from the beginning in the development of the interoperable electronic fare management system according to the eTicket Deutschland Standard (VDV-KA). Using the nationwide standardised eTicket Deutschland, other services – from car sharing and bicycle rental to event tickets – can also be paid for without cash.

IONgate provides basic functions for electronic fare management in public transport. It enables easy access to what are known as “co-competitive networks”, in which companies can network with each other to offer their customers improved or new processes.

With just a single e-ticket, multimodal chains of routes can be travelled throughout Germany by bus, train, bicycle and other means of transport. What is extremely convenient for public transport users requires sophisticated technology in the background. Sensitive personal user data has to be reliably recorded and securely processed.

All the transport companies involved have to be able to rely on the fact that their services are precisely calculated and invoiced. This requires comprehensive consideration of a wide range of requirements, from cashless payment transactions to e-ticketing and fare systems, different role models and types of use, varying requirements from individual companies to public transport associations and, of course, data protection for passengers and companies.



High-performance backend systems are only as good as their interfaces. The vision of a uniform e-ticketing system throughout Germany can only become reality if access for all transport companies and other intermodal transport providers functions smoothly.


Blacklist management and control service

Blacklist management and control service (KOSE) have a particular influence on the success of the (((eTicket Deutschland. highQ fulfils all the requirements of KA. This has not only been demonstrated in several pilot projects. Issues that have been successfully handled for many years include:

  • (Difference) blacklists
  • Blocking applications or authorisations
  • Temporary blocks

Promotional list management

Promotional list management offers numerous opportunities to optimise your company’s own internal process flows. IONgate supports you in this area – regardless of whether you are already part of such an environment or would like to implement promotional list management yourself.

Value unit authorisation clearing

Reliable determination of mutual claims is a basic prerequisite for interoperable cooperation between transport companies. highQ has provided various KA-compliant options for value unit authorisation clearing.

Convenient versioning

Systems continue to develop. In a nationwide open interoperability network, it is essential that even different versions can work together smoothly at all times. highQ backend systems can be updated without interrupting operations and are always compatible with other switching nodes in the ION.


Plug & Play

Not every company needs an individual backend system. That is why highQ also offers plug&play capable solutions for simple, uncomplicated connection to the ION.



“Even outside of the actual implementation projects, highQ is committed to the VDV-KA and is actively involved in further developing the specification. highQ are genuine e-ticketing specialists.”


Elke Fischer,VDV eTicket Service GmbH & Co. KG

“I got to know highQ from the very successful collaboration concerning TicketOffice, KOSE-P and WEB-Clearing-P. highQ was always extremely competent and punctual in all projects. It’s also a pleasure to work with a technology company where results orientation is not solely related to the quarterly report.”


Hans-Andreas Hoffmann, Projektberater


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