Tailor-made solutions for small and large companies

By using the intelligent IT solutions from highQ, you will secure decisive competitive advantages. All of our products are distinguished by their consistent user-friendliness, high level of stability and flexible scalability. We translated complicated process into simple, well-considered solutions, with which you can significantly increase the efficiency and productivity of your processes.

Our solutions

highQ is counted among the innovation leaders in the development of interoperable software solutions for the public transportation industry. We develop intelligent software for electronic ticketing management, for mobile ticketing and eTicketing, for intelligent transportation systems and for optimizing your travel, commuter and service plans. Find out where you have potential for savings and growth and optimize them using our know-how.

with abakusBT, the network-enabled database program, you can manage your building contractor credit ideally. abakusBT’s closeness to practices is convincing thanks to its multitude of features.

Detect potential for improvements in your company. BenchmarQ will support you in a simple manner in the management and evaluation of complex systems of rules.