benchmarQ: show how good you are

benchmarQ: show how good you are

Achieve savings by improving quality and increase the transparency of your service at the same time. Our online software benchmarQ is the perfect tool. benchmarQ supports companies that want to improve the quality of their services in a targeted and measurable way.

Making quality visible – internally and externally

Imagine that you could make the quality of all your services measurable. Imagine being able to perform transparent and verifiable evaluation and classification on the basis of defined performance criteria.

There are two ways of approaching benchmarking: from an internal and from an external perspective.

Externally oriented benchmarking provides objective and comparable information about quality and serves as a basis for decision-making. A prominent example of this is the German hotel classification system, in which hotel stars have become a widely accepted quality standard. The classification of hotels is based on many individual characteristics, recorded and evaluated through our benchmarking and rating system.
Internally oriented benchmarking is used for internal performance measurement. This enables the performance of different branches or franchisees to be transparently assessed and compared with the goal of achieving high quality standards.

The task is clear – so what can highQ do for you?
benchmarQ enables the classification and certification of institutions, services and objects. This web-based software can manage multiple clients with their own objects (e.g. branches) and provides the ability to model and evaluate even the most complex sets of rules, quickly and clearly.

With the help of benchmarQ, you can rapidly build your own individualized classification system, which includes all the features and classification rules that are important and valuable for the quality management goals of your organization. Developed by professionals, benchmarQ is a tried and tested application that is systematically maintained and enhanced.

Organizations frequently have a set of several hundred features that define the quality of their goods, services or branches. This level of complexity usually requires rules such as “If characteristic C is satisfied, then characteristics A and B are automatically fulfilled as well”. With benchmarQ, all such rules can be easily displayed. benchmarQ divides rules into mandatory criteria, optional features and combinations of both.

You define a number of quality categories for your listings. The fulfillment of a category can be defined by assigning mandatory criteria and a minimum score that needs to be achieved. Mandatory criteria (or KO criteria) must always be met to achieve the appropriate classification category. Optional features can be used to earn points.

benchmarQ is multi-client capable and can manage several thousand objects (branches, houses, etc.) in a single system. benchmarQ also makes it easy to run multiple independent evaluation facilities with their own separate object pools. The software can support any number of clients, each with any number of objects.

Security and flexibility through differentiated authorization management

If you wish to access your data on the move or capture a classification event locally, all you need is a PC with Internet access. Your account determines access rights and authorization level.

Revision field with complaint management
The orderly processing of complaints is an essential part of a quality management system. Alongside the targeted assessment of objects, complaints are another valuable validation factor for your classification system. For this reason, benchmarQ enables you to assign each object with its own complaints system, follow-up and processing status.

See for yourself:

Online demonstration: Explore benchmarQ using our online demonstration tool. All you need is a PC with Internet access. One of our colleagues will personally guide you and answer any questions you may have. We’re here to help!

Visit one of our customers: Transparency is very important to us. We will be happy to arrange for you to visit one of our customers, where you will be able to experience benchmarQ at firsthand.

Five stars for benchmarQ:
Hotel stars: a first-class reference
The German Hotels Association (IHA) uses a highQ benchmarQ system to classify over 8,000 hotels, right across the country. Dedicated access opportunities for classification societies, data users and hoteliers enable the smooth, timely flow of the classification process.

Certified quality

benchmarQ is a highQ product. From the very beginning, we have been committed to a consistent focus on quality and are certified according to the international DIN EN ISO 9001 quality standard. This guarantees well thought out, reliable solutions that have been designed for long-term use. With this goal in mind, the first version of the classification system was introduced in 1997 and has subsequently been continuously developed and perfected.