TicketOffice certified according to GoBD

The TicketOffice fare management system complies with the principles of proper accounting.

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The fare management system of the Freiburg IT company highQ Computerlösungen fulfils the principles of proper accounting - this is confirmed by a current certificate. Transport companies working with the upcoming GoBD release of the TicketOffice fare management system are playing it safe for tax purposes. This is because the integrated accounting module demonstrably fulfils all the requirements of the principles for the proper keeping and storage of books, records and documents in electronic form and for data access, GoBD for short. These requirements, which were published by the German Federal Ministry of Finance and last revised in November 2019, regulate the handling of electronically generated business documents.
To prove GoBD conformity, the accounting module contained in TicketOffice was subjected to a relevant audit by an accredited auditor in December 2019. The guideline was the IDW PS 880 standard for the testing of software products, which covers both the GoBD-compliant functionality of the software and the development and release procedure at the manufacturer, i.e. highQ. As a result, the "proof of complete and correct processing" was provided and the "fulfillment of compliance requirements" with regard to data archiving and recording obligations was certified. A detailed check consisted, for example, of feeding the system with incorrect and inconsistent data and thus checking whether the software's plausibility checks were effective. "The transactions we carried out were completely and correctly mapped by the system", is certified in the test certificate. And further: "The software application TicketOffice was able to meet the requirements for the document function, the journal function, the account function, the logging function, the documentation, the access protection as well as the data backup, archiving and restart procedures". Migration to current release recommended.

In addition to the above-mentioned functions for fulfilling GoBD conformity, further (optional) functions were also implemented. "In addition to the certainty that all processes are correct in the fiscal sense, our customers thus also benefit from a significantly expanded range of functions," explains Simon Gumbert, highQ product development manager. "This includes, among other things, the administration of increased transport charges, key account contracts and an SAP connection."

highQ sales manager Kai Horn is also pleased about the successful certification of TicketOffice and recommends all users to upgrade soon: "The development was demanding and tied up enormous resources. But it was also important because of the large number of companies that use TicketOffice, and we will make all interested customers a fair offer for the upgrade. And for early subscribers, we are offering special discounted rates again until 30 April 2020". From February 2020, TicketOffice will be delivered to all new customers with the current GoBD-certified accounting module.


Photo: TicketOffice product development manager Simon Gumbert and project manager Nico Buchmüller (from left to right) are happy about the successful certification.

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