Property developer software abakusBT of great benefit

Keeping track can be worth millions

Staying on top of things can be worth millions: The processing of developer loans does not tolerate mistakes. Thus, inattention and errors can damage the credit institution and quickly amount to tens of millions. Nevertheless, many banks and savings banks still rely on Excel spreadsheets in the property development loan business, but these are prone to errors.

The database-supported, network-compatible software abakusBT streamlines and tightens the processing of property developer loans. From the application for a loan to the decision to grant the loan to controlling. At any point in time, the highQ solution can be used to monitor whether all agreements are being implemented. In addition to monitoring, abakusBT also checks the yield of a property development project and forecasts how the overall project will develop.

We have presented abakusBT to an accredited business law firm. They have tested abakusBT intensively and can certify "industry-specific functions for property developer management with high benefit". Functions such as the recording of object-related and developer-specific basic data, the recording and processing of account sales and sales contracts as well as cost and contribution margin controls were tested.

GoBD certification is not necessary for abakusBT, as it does not contain an accounting module, but is a controlling software for property developer management. "We are pleased about this very positive evaluation of our software" says Christian Disch, Managing Director of highQ Computerlösungen, "and also thank you for the very good customer ratings we received in the annual customer satisfaction survey. This shows us that with abakusBT we have a great software that is already successfully supporting many banks in their daily work."

Due to the positive evaluation of the accredited auditor, we hope that we can facilitate the software release procedure in the respective banks.

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