NAHBUS gets mobility app for public transport

In March, the development of the mobility app of NAHBUS Nordwestmecklenburg started.

highQ Computerlösungen has been awarded the contract for the development of the first stage of this mobility app, which will be developed step by step up to a mobility platform.

NAHBUS Nordwestmecklenburg GmbH is the modern mobility service provider in the district of Nordwestmecklenburg, including the Hanseatic city of Wismar. On behalf of the district, the transport company operates scheduled bus services and the call bus (approx. 150 vehicles) as far as the state capital Schwerin, as well as the neighboring cities in Schleswig-Holstein (Lübeck and Ratzeburg). Every month, approx. 450,000 passengers use the interval and regional lines of NAHBUS Nordwestmecklenburg GmbH.

As part of the NAHBUS digitalization offensive, the next step in the digitalization of public transport in Northwest Mecklenburg is now to be taken with the start of the development of a mobility app.

The NAHBUS app is intended to make all timetable and fare information easily available to customers in real time.
In the future, the timetable and fare information will also be able to provide all timetable information and connection relationships regionally to other transport companies, and in perspective even nationwide. To this end, highQ Computerlösungen is creating interfaces that connect the necessary nationwide information portals.

Already in the first stage of expansion, trips can be booked with the NAHBUS app using the NAHBUS call bus (NAHBUS On-Demand) via the mytraQ app used.
With the help of this new application, the routes of scheduled trips will be optimized for school transport from 2021 at the latest. In the future, by registering students via the NAHBUS app or the student ID card on the bus, the bus route will be optimized so that only the stops for which boarding or alighting is required will be served. In this way, unnecessary routes can be saved and CO2 emissions significantly reduced during the journey.

highQ uses modules from the highQ MobilitySuite to implement this project. The basis of the NAHBUS mobility app will therefore be the app mytraQ. mytraQ allows a flexible combination of different modes of transport and gives the user "real-time routing recommendations", but at the same time - for example when switching from a private car to a public transport mode - ticketing is possible. In the future, depending on the traffic situation and the environmental situation, additional transport services such as car/bike sharers, cabs and ride-sharing options could be networked in this app. This already provides a solution that prepares the planned gradual expansion of the NAHBUS app into the mobility platform "NWM Mobil" for the district of Nordwestmecklenburg.

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