highQ implements an operational mobility solution for AzweiO

Bike sharing for commuters has started

AzweiO, a public company run by the town of Achim, the municipality of Ottersberg and the municipality of Oyten, has been offering bike sharing for commuters since 1 April. The Freiburg-based company highQ Computerlösungen has developed the mobility solution: Employees in the municipalities of Lower Saxony can book and use rental bicycles for journeys from the station to the employer and back.

The mobility turnaround is an important concern for the city of Achim, the municipalities of Oyten and Ottersberg and the companies located there. That is why they are now making bicycles available to commuters arriving at stations so that they can travel quickly and easily to their employers.

“We are very pleased that our company mobility solution has enabled AzweiO and the companies located in the industrial areas to successfully offer bike sharing to their employees,” says Fabian Hielscher, Project Manager at highQ Computer Solutions. The friendly user phase started in March with an internationally active e-commerce group and its workforce. From April onwards, other companies based in the region will start as mobility partners and will also offer their employees the opportunity to rent a bicycle for the journey from the station to the workplace. “With this sustainable, environmentally friendly and flexible mobility offer, we strengthen our business location, support the acquisition of employees and offer non-motorized employees the opportunity to commute to their employer in a climate-friendly manner according to their individual needs,” adds Stefanie Schleef, economic promoter of the city of Achim. “I am delighted to be on the road in the region today and to meet the employees on our bike sharing bikes. Then I know that our decision for this great bike project was the right one and offers great added value to all involved. ”

The use is very easy for authorized bikesharing users – download the mobility app AzweimobilQ in the store free of charge, register and activate it for the authorization. The access code for the respective bicycle parking facility is made available to one person via the highQ mobility app. By means of a lock code, the respective user can then borrow one of the currently 140 bicycles at the three bike stations. The commuters then have 30 minutes to reach their destination. Via the AzweiO mobility app from highQ, the booking process is then terminated again at the destination. The range is gradually being expanded further. In addition to the company mobility solutions, the bike stations are available to all users:within the AzweiO app.

The AzweimobilQ mobility app from highQ plays an important role in the operational mobility management of local companies. Other AzweiO services such as POIs, CarSharing and public transport timetables are already integrated. Now that Stage 1 has been completed, further AzweiO services such as company driving, additional POIs, incentives and reporting as well as interactive routing are planned. Consideration is also being given to introducing school mobility management in the municipalities. The aim of the project is to accelerate the mobility turnaround in the AzweiO region of Lower Saxony and to offer citizens and commuters innovative, multimodal transport solutions.

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