Kick-off of the highQ MobilitySuite

On 31.07. highQ Computerlösungen started with a kick-off into the next project phase of the highQ MobilitySuite - extensive testing of the extended mytraQ App.

highQ has made it its mission to establish sustainable mobility concepts for the benefit of society - "highQ Social Mobility". For this, highQ has been nominated for the German Sustainability Award 2021.

A holistic, platform-based mobility solution was developed for implementation: highQ MobilitySuite, an open mobility platform with standardized assistance functions (e.g. web services/SDK/API), offers the right solution for every mobility context. The app mytraQ is the mobility controller of the suite and rewards environmentally conscious traffic behaviour with the integrated bonus system time miles. In order to achieve the goal of "Social Mobility", not the routes of the individual but of a whole group are optimized. The larger the group, the more far-reaching the benefits for the climate. Digitized mobility offers can be used to output sustainable, multimodal route chains via AI-supported calculations - for the end user simply and automatically within the app, from booking to payment. The mobility behaviour recognition is DSGVO-compliant. By enabling all users to reach their destination in a socially responsible manner, the MobilitySuite strengthens the cohesion of society - only together can we achieve the mobility turnaround. Our vision: Urban streets are no longer dominated by traffic, but once again belong to people. Rural areas remain attractive for young and old.

The next project phase started on 31.07. Now, after the successful implementation of the back office processes, the app is the focus of attention. With mytraQ, the diverse mobility services networked in the mobility platform can be used easily and flexibly by every smartphone owner. It guides users on sensible paths through the otherwise unmanageable mobility services. The preferred routes are those that are in line with social mobility (e.g. carpooling, use of public transport or bicycles) - this supports mobility management in line with the common good and equalises the traffic flow. The integrated bonus system Time Miles rewards ecological behaviour, thus protecting the environment and resources and saving infrastructure costs. Users can participate in challenges via mytraQ and receive a reward if, for example, they have covered 20 km by bike in one week. The collected time miles can be directly exchanged for awards or donated to charitable organisations. In this way, the personal contribution to Social Mobility can be experienced directly.

The highQ MobilitySuite is modular and flexibly expandable, so that an optimal mobility solution can be realized for every community and every company. In this way, the local traffic turnaround can become reality step by step. Several companies are participating in the current project phase in addition to highQ. If you are also interested, please contact us under Support mytraQ.

Let us inspire you. The highQ employees explain the mode of operation in a great video - this is how the mytraQ app works: to the german video mytraQ

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