Mobility platform

Mobility platform

Environmentally friendly mobility for all

The mobility of the future will be networked and multimodal. The highQ mobility platform enables a flexible combination of different modes of transport, depending on the traffic and environmental situation. It offers open access for large and small transport and service providers, from urban transport operators or car and bike sharing schemes to supplementary services such as the use of multi-storey car parks or public facilities. For the user, this results in a comprehensive, cross-modal offer that provides a genuine incentive for switching to environmentally friendly means of transport. The motivation to change can also be encouraged by an incentive component.

All data sources are bundled in the backend system of the mobility platform:


We are happy to advise local authorities and mobility providers on the opportunities available in their specific environment.

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App for ticket control and mobile phone ticket


Using the mobility assistant mytraQ, road users can directly access the mobility platform’s real-time information via their smartphones. They are provided with recommendations for current routes and modes of transport for both private and public mobility – or a combination of both. For example, in the event of a traffic jam, car users can receive an alternative route recommendation or be redirected to the nearest park and ride location to continue their journey by public transport. Interoperable, multimodal ticketing is also integrated so that intermodal journey chains can be booked and paid for directly from the app.



This incentive module can be integrated into mytraQ as an additional function. Intelligent, environmentally friendly mobility behaviour is rewarded by time miles (“Zeitmeilen”), which can be collected by road users and then exchanged for premiums, such as free tickets or free parking. Incentives can also be effectively deployed as a means to retain customers and for local marketing campaigns.


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