A new form of mobility: interoperable and multi-modal

Contemporary mobility is multi-modal. We are developing high-performance IT solutions for public transportation and more. Together with you, we are creating the requirements for the mobility of tomorrow. We offer cutting edge IT solutions for:

  • eTicketing
  • Mobile ticketing
  • Electronic ticket management (ETM)
  • Interoperable background systems for ETM
  • Intelligent transportation systems (ITS)
  • Optimization of your travel, commuter and service plans
  • Inter-modal links with travel offers

We are counted among the innovation leaders as well as in the implementation of interoperable ticketing according to the (((eTicket Deutschland standard.

highQ is participating in a number of scientific research and pilot projects. Our products are always a little of their time for that reason. Take advantage of our know-how and our industry experience.

Our Solutions

PlanB: planning to increase efficiency
Our planning and optimization system tempered by experience finds potential savings, even for your company. With PlanB, you can find the ideal routes and services, and protect your resources.
fare.logiQ: EFM with a certain Q
With fare.logiQ, you will get an overview of your income and its sources, whether in cash or from automated systems. The statistical evaluations and various bookkeeping system interfaces will simplify processing for you.
mytraQ: mobile ticketing made easy
With our mytraQ app, you can check tickets, plan routes and sell tickets yourself as well as settle with passengers depending on the situation, using a standard smart phone. How does it work? See it for yourself.
TicketOffice: get onboard the ticketing system with a future
Conformant with the KA, compatible with bookkeeping systems and extremely easy to use; regardless of whether trains, buses, metropolises or country areas, whether subscriptions, occasional passengers or school children, with TicketOffice you will have a grip on everything involved in ticketing.
IONgate: intelligently networked mobility
Trips that go across boundaries are exactly the point where networking the various transportation companies will play an important role. With the IONgate appliance, you can accomplish this simply and easily and keep an overview of the flow of data.
highQ TicketApp – ticket sales via tablet PC
Sell your tickets on standard tablet PCs. The highQ TicketApp is multi-platform capable and can display your entire product range in any way you choose.