Show how good you are!

Secure potentials for savings by increasing quality and make your services more transparent. Only those, who know the quality of their services and can categorize them, will be able to recognize potential for improvements. With benchmarQ, highQ provides you with an appropriate tool, which is simple, transparent and proven in practice (even at the international level).

benchmarQ makes the classification and certification of institutions, services and offices possible. The software may be used both across industry boundaries as well as to manage multiple offices (such as branch stores).

Very complex frameworks of rules can be constructed so that precise, definitive results can be obtained. Take the classification of hotels in Germany and other EU countries as one example: benchmarQ was awarded five stars for passing a proof of concept test.

benchmarQ: show how good you are
Detect potential for improvements in your company. benchmarQ will support your competitive efforts in a simple manner.