Visions become reality

“The future belongs to those who can see opportunities before they become obvious” – Oscar Wilde

highQ is involved in several research projects, including:

Project Aprikose

Appliance to support small- and medium-sized businesses in providing complex mobility services
As part of Project Aprikose, highQ developed an appliance, a pre-installed, pre-configured and immediately usable IT device, in collaboration with Universität Stuttgart. Small- and medium-sized businesses can network their mobility services and complimentary offers using this simple, inexpensive and secure appliance. By working together, high-quality service packages can be offered that simplify the use of mobility services that are friendly to the environment.
The requirements on the appliance have been determined in three steps and a prototype implemented. The prototypes have been put through test operations by selected project associates and developed further based on the insights won thereby. Product line architecture has been developed, which permits simple adjustment of the appliance to the requirements of the various customer industries. During development, access to the appliance through remote maintenance had to be ensured, while also keeping them secured against unauthorized access but highly available.

The Federal Ministry for Education and Research has sponsored Project Apricot as part of the Innovative Small- & Medium-sized Businesses program. You will find additional information about Project Aprikose at the project web site.


Stuttgart Service Card, a best practice example

The Stuttgart Service Card has proven itself in everyday use. There were no difficulties when the card’s features were tested. It reliably worked as a key for using mobility offers as well as making payments. The testers were well satisfied with the Stuttgart Service Card and were happy to use it, because it combines many services. Roughly 90% of the Friendly Users evaluated the design of the Stuttgart Service Card as positive to very positive according to the survey taken before and after testing in the field.

Read more here about highQ's participation in the pilot project, Schaufenster LivingLabBWe mobil.