Software generation

Software generation

Generative Software GmbH

Although robots are known mainly in the context of manufacturing industries, automation has long since found its way into software development. This is because recurring, similar programming tasks can be carried out largely automatically with the aid of so-called ‘code generators’. The human software developer thus has his or her head and hands free for the creative aspects of the work. At highQ, we use the Virtual Developer development platform provided by our partner Generative Software, which offers a particularly versatile development environment.

The partially automated mode of operation – also called model-driven software development – brings advantages not just for ourselves, but also for you as a user of our software solutions. This is because development times are significantly shortened, which results not least in cost advantages. At the same time, the risk of errors is significantly reduced by automatic code generation as the automatic programmer does not make careless mistakes. Just as in the development phase, this saves time during implementation and your software is ready for use more quickly. Updates of existing software can also be rapidly and cost-effectively created in this way.


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