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Transparent controlling for property portfolio holders

The financing of real estate with subsequent leasing of the properties is a highly interesting business segment. In order to be able to realise the profits possible here in the long term, the processing must be lean and tightly organised. Risk controlling and risk management must be constantly updated.

As many of the data and evaluations are similar to those in the very successful highQ solution for property developer management (abakusBT) and there is a need for a comparable application for portfolio owner projects, highQ has implemented the specific requirements for the management of portfolio owner properties. If a customer already uses abakusBT, a consolidation of the data stocks is possible without any problems. Master data of such common objects (basic data, mixtures, units) can be directly transferred to the inventory management.

The inventory holders are the equivalent of the property developers in abakusBT. These are the bank's customers who have been granted a loan for the purchase, repair or construction of a property. In order to be able to assess the risk of a loan default or payment by instalments, the bank, for its part, draws up a list of the properties, the rents to be achieved, the occupancy rate, etc.

Through plausibility checks, the software offers high security standards at an early stage of financing through detailed cost and contribution margin controls. The individual data are entered once into the clearly arranged input masks. Plausibility checks during entry and saving help to avoid incorrect entries to a large extent, and the DSGVO is of course complied with. With abakusRE you can manage your inventory properties optimally. The constant manual transfer of property and rental data for the various evaluations is no longer necessary. In addition to the property-related and specific basic data, all financing modules and rental agreements are recorded. With the help of intelligent input completion, even large amounts of data can be recorded quickly and easily. The time-saving import interfaces (e.g. AMADEUS) allow you to import data supplied by the property developer (e.g. calculation, unit list) directly into the software.

All important entries and changes are logged in order to be documented to maintain the 4-eyes principle. abakusRE is easy to use for every user due to its clear structure. The recorded data is evaluated by the program and compared with the planned figures. This enables a detailed letting risk control as well as current debt service and profit calculations.


  • Clearly arranged structure
  • Intuitive usability
  • Easy recording of data
  • Extensive analysis options
  • Minimised risk of error through plausibility checks
  • All data and evaluations can be exported to Excel or Libre Office


If you have questions about abakusRE or would like to get a demo version, Kai Horn and his team will be happy to answer your questions.


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