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Transparent controlling for property developer loans

The property developer loan business is a highly interesting line of business, but a lack of land in urban areas means high land purchase prices, sometimes combined with building law risks or conditions on urban development contracts that make sales more difficult. The combination of very high purchase prices and long development times poses a highly potent risk, as existing market prices need to be forecast for many years to come. The credit requirements of property developers are high and the scarce resource of equity capital is thereby tied up for years. Furthermore, the limits of the banks usually also limit the loan volumes.

Nevertheless, property developer financing is and will remain a highly interesting business area for banks, from which additional business frequently also arises, such as final financing for buyers or the sale of property. To ensure that the potential profits from financing can be realised in this area, the processing has to be lean and tightly organised. Risk controlling and risk management must be constantly reviewed and updated.

abakusBT combines these necessities and promotes the highest possible efficiency in processing. By means of plausibility checks, the software offers high security standards at an early stage of processing through detailed cost and margin controls. The individual data is entered once only in the clearly arranged input masks. Plausibility checks during entry and storage largely prevent incorrect entries, and the German Savings Banks and Loans Regulation (DSGVO) is naturally observed. abakusBT enables you to optimally manage your property developer loans.

The simplified and uniform processing of property developer loans with abakusBT represents a particular advantage over traditional methods. The constant manual transfer of object and buyer data for the various evaluations is no longer necessary. In addition to object-related and developer-specific basic data, all account transactions and purchase contracts are recorded. With the help of intelligent input completion, even large amounts of data can be recorded quickly and easily. Thanks to the time-saving import interfaces (AMADEUS, CSV, OSP), you can also import data provided by the property developer (e.g. calculation, unit list, transfers) directly into the software.

All important entries and changes are logged so that they can be documented in compliance with the dual control principle. With its clear structure, abakusBT is easy for any user to operate. The recorded data is evaluated by the programme and compared with the planned figures. This enables a detailed control of the use of funds and costs, current profit calculation and an automatic update of the contribution margin. In addition, the interfaces to the original EDP systems simplify day-to-day business tasks.

As a result of ever-increasing financing volumes and project sizes, banks are increasingly forming partnerships with one another. Uniform processing facilitates these joint financing arrangements immensely. abakusBT is the solution for property developer financiers in all banks, at the level of clerks, consultants and controllers. Following the guideline “More overview, less risk”, the highQ application optimises the credit business – and creates security in daily business through precise, audit-proof workflows.  

With just a few mouse clicks, you can access all relevant data such as average sales proceeds per sqm, current sales status, current remaining credit, remaining loan/sqm and much more. Standard forms and letters, including the declaration of indemnity, already contain all necessary data and can be printed out (automatically completed) if required. Under constant monitoring of planned and actual data, the postings are divided according to cost groups and flow into the evaluation. Indications of cost overruns are immediately displayed with cost element and amount.

Developed by highQ in close cooperation with the users, the software ensures that the performance of the application is always adapted to the current requirements of the property developer loan business. Our property developer software is designed precisely to meet the specific requirements of this area of business. The requirements of the German Savings Banks and Loans Regulation (DSGVO) have recently been implemented in the software.



Functional description Property developer loan processing

abakusBT is a property developer software package for banks and savings banks that supports you in the management of property development loans. The software enables you to closely monitor and control loan developments. Deviations from the calculation are immediately displayed so that you can intervene in a timely manner.
A few clicks is all it takes to access all relevant data, including:

  • Average sales revenue/sqm
  • Current sales status
  • Current remaining credit
  • Remaining loan/sqm

Your advantages with abakusBT: complex relationships, clearly displayed.


How abakusBT works:

  • All relevant property developer data is first entered once only in the clearly arranged input masks. Depending on your requirements, the software can be filled with either very few or fully complete data sets. At the beginning of the project, you decide which data is relevant to your in-house business process and necessary for your risk assessment.
  • No further transfer of object and buyer data for other evaluations is necessary.
  • Plausibility checks during entry and saving avoid possible mistakes.
  • In addition to the object-related and developer-specific basic data, it is possible to record all account transactions and purchase contracts.

With the help of intelligent input completion, even large amounts of data can be entered quickly and easily. All important entries and changes are logged so that they can be documented in compliance with the dual control principle.

  • The programme evaluates the recorded data and compares it with the planned figures. This enables a detailed control of the use of funds and costs, current profit calculation and an automatic update of the contribution margin.
  • All relevant data on the objects is clearly structured and thus quickly available.
  • Standard forms and letters such as the declaration of indemnity already contain all necessary data and can be printed out at any time.
  • Under constant monitoring of planned and actual data, the postings are divided according to cost groups and flow into the evaluation. Indications of cost overruns are immediately displayed along with cost element and amount.
  • We naturally comply with the German Savings Banks and Loans Regulation (DSGVO) and anonymise all data.


Property developer and object management

Property developer management

The programme offers the option of entering and managing master data on a property developer.

Object management

The object management function forms the core of the programme. abakusBT allows you to store the object data required for credit processing. In addition to the master data of the object (such as account number(s) (both one-account and two-account models are supported), street, real estate use), you can define the following data for an object and more:

  • Data on the credit decision (e.g. credit limit (can be split into total and partial credit), market value, mortgage lending value, fee)
  • The units to be created or sold (with details of the type of unit, location, target price, sqm, land register data, etc.)
  • The land register data of the property including registered land charges
  • Guarantees issued on the object

Recording property developer and object ratings

The option of entering developer and property ratings has been introduced for the changed crediting of developer loans to risk-weighted assets in accordance with Basel III.


Many masks of the programme allow you to enter comments, ensuring that the respective information is always visible where it is needed.

Cost controlling

Calculation management

abakusBT offers the ability to store the property developer’s object calculation (either simplified or detailed). The calculation can be archived when changes are made, so that different versions of the cost estimate can be compared later. If required, work contracts can also be entered in the detailed cost estimate.


Entering account transactions

All payments concerning the object can be entered in the account turnover dialogue. Revenue can be directly assigned to costing items (for where-used lists) or to the respective purchase contract (for purchase price receipts). This allows you to monitor compliance with the credit line, instalment plans and costing. If the credit limit is exceeded or not met, a warning is issued directly during posting (continuous monitoring). It is also possible to enter discounts due to defects, price reductions due to internal activities, special and reservation payments, and equity payments.


Management subsidiary and credit accounts

If further loans are available for financing (special loans, euro loans) or further accounts are linked to the object (e.g. for the investment of credit balances), these can also be entered in the programme so that they are then taken into account in the evaluations.


Building status administration

abakusBT enables updated documentation of the state of construction and allows the filing of photos and comments on each state of construction. Based on configurable settings, this information can also be used to automatically create various inspection lists.


Purchase contract management

Integrated purchase contract management provides the possibility to store the purchase contracts for all units sold. Information on the buyer (e.g. name, street, city) can also be stored here. The actual price of the unit is compared with the initially calculated target price. As well as the option of entering reservation payments and assigning them to purchase contracts at a later date, you can also enter details of final financing (if known), instalment plans and price reductions.


Map display with OpenStreetMap

abakusBT lets you display one or more objects on OpenStreetMap maps. The combination of overview map and object information creates a central graphical overview of the location, the construction status and the status of the financed objects.



An integrated resubmission function facilitates the creation of resubmissions for individual objects or developers. Depending on the programme settings, resubmissions due can be displayed on the main page.


Simplifying correspondence

Using the integrated correspondence function, automated letters can be generated for many processes (e.g. credit reduction). To do this, you can use either an integrated text module management tool (Microsoft Word, Open Office or LibreOffice) or the PDF format.
Covering letter or forms include, among others:

  • Declaration of indemnity according to §3 of the German MaBV
  • Deposit release
  • Approval of cancellation
  • Guarantee orders
  • Guarantees according to §7 of the German MaBV and §632a of the German BGB
  • Credit reduction notice
  • Letter on special loans
  • Creation of general serial letters to all property developers or per object (via MS Word)

Evaluations and early warning system


abakusBT supports you with a large number of evaluations, both object-related and cross-object. Among other things, the following evaluations can be created:


Per object

  • Comparison of objects with each other (as early as the planning phase) and inserting pictures
  • Determination of sales conditions or equity requirements (so as not to exceed a specified risk limit)
  • Update list (current status of loan, mortgage lending value, etc.)
  • Property overview
  • Comparison of planned/actual data
  • Scenario evaluation (e.g. cost increase, construction time extension)
  • Summary for risk controlling
  • Data for real estate business rating – evaluation of sales commissions


Cross-object (across all objects of one property developer, or all objects)

  • Building status statistics
  • Million loan notification
  • Template overview
  • Sales volume
  • Final financing statistics
  • Economic unsecured portion
  • Early warning list (according to self-defined criteria)
  • List of all open guarantees
  • List of all unsold units
  • List of all objects without booked fee

Early warning system

An early warning system is integrated into the programme, which checks the objects against certain criteria. These criteria can be configured by the user.


Importing from Amadeus

If the property developer uses the “Amadeus” software, objects can be directly imported.


OSP interface (option)

There is a connection to the OSP system in FI via the dynamic interface with which data can be transferred from the system (for example, importing account turnovers, exporting collateral).
Note: The OSP interface modules are available as extensions individually or together. They are not included in the basic version abakusBT.

Exporting to Excel

All tables can be exported, both to Microsoft Excel and to OpenOffice or LibreOffice Calc.
With the “multi-export” function, export tables can be rapidly and very flexibly defined and transferred directly to Excel or Calc. In this way, data can be further used or prepared for your own evaluations.

Auditing safety


All important changes to the objects (e.g. credit limit) are logged in an audit-proof manner, stating the time and the user who made the changes. The printouts are numbered consecutively and generated with a signature line, so that a two-way validation is possible.



An archiving function enables the freezing of the status of objects at a certain time. This means that the status can also be archived on the key date for announced inspection dates, so that all statuses and evaluations for this date can be called up during the inspection.
Besides being able to do this manually at any time, abakusBT also automatically creates an archive at regular intervals (quarterly or monthly).

Rights management

User administration

Users can be created, changed or deleted via an integrated user administration function. Users can be assigned different rights (see rights management) and a password. If an authorised user is logged on to Windows, an integrated Windows user query enables automatic programme login.

Rights management

An integrated rights management function can assign different rights to users (e.g. “read only”). By means of manager assignment, this rights system can be made even more differentiated and, if required, even per property developer.


Assignment of managers

It is possible to assign users to certain property developers as managers and also to manage access rights in detail.



Customer opinions

abakusBT was developed in cooperation with the Sparkasse Freiburg – Nördlicher Breisgau and has been successfully used there since 1999. Today, abakusBT is in operation at almost 60 banks and savings banks nationwide.


“With abakusBT, we have a software package that not only saves duplicate entries in different systems, but also checks the entries for plausibility. abakusBT guides users in a process-relevant and sensible way, ensuring that nothing is forgotten or overlooked. This systematic approach allows the software to incidentally convey to the user the bundled knowledge of all experts who work with abakusBT and continuously contribute their knowledge.”

Nicole Farrelly, Head of Property Developer Group, Sparkasse Freiburg-Nördlicher Breisgau

“abakusBT enables the complete recording, continuous updating and regular checking of all financially relevant data of a construction project, a task that cannot be adequately performed manually. I simply couldn’t be without this helpful software any more. abakusBT is an essential component for the risk-appropriate support and control of the property developer business in our company.”

Volker Kluitmann, Head of Real Estate Clients Division, Stadtsparkasse Düsseldorf

“At the user meetings, I especially appreciate having direct contact with other abakusBT users to exchange information about current issues and developments in the property developer loan business. In fact, the personal contacts have subsequently developed into a network of experts, in which lively communication takes place between the annual meetings and many a risk is mitigated.”

Bernhard Hedrich, Head of Property Developer Centre, Kreissparkasse Ludwigsburg



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